Maximum Quality for your Customers

ATS has always stood out as one of the leading manufacturers of injection moulding for food packaging, offering a wide range of products. Our high standard of quality guarantees the best raw materials, respect for the environment and total reliability.


Choose the product that reflects your needs


The most advanced technologies aimed at efficiency and reduced consumption

Preserve flavour

Highest quality polymers ensure conservation without affecting the taste


ATS quality is guaranteed by leading Italian certification bodies


Injection moulded food trays

  • All ATS products (trays, platters, containers, punnets, etc.) are 100% recyclable.
  • Product customisation from the design to the graphics.
  • The quality of ATS products ensures maximum security and strength.


Respect for the environment

  • Polypropylene, as our raw material, is 100% recyclable.
  • All manufacturing waste is reconverted. We give plastic a second life.
  • ATS is safeguarding the future: we are reducing waste, consumption and environmental impact.


Moulding and graphics in one single step

  • Labels are made from the same material as the packaging.
  • Maximum graphic quality enhances visibility and shelf-appeal.
  • The label is positioned in the mould in which it will be made.

Get in touch with ATS and discover how we can help you.

Our staff is at your disposal to provide further information and evaluate your needs.

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