ATS for the environment

Respect for the environment

ATS for the environment

Since it was founded, ATS Packaging has shown a great awareness about environmental issues.

For this reason the company has always committed to the incorporation and application of all legislative provisions regarding sustainability and environmental protection to its production processes.

Specialisation in the polypropylene sector has allowed the Company to develop efficient systems both for the use of virgin raw material during the injection moulding phases and for the subsequent recycling of production waste and its consequent reconversion in different sectors: food, automotive, construction, agriculture, clothing, street furnishings, etc.

Moreover, if we combine this ethical process with the use of the IML labelling system a process through which a polypropylene label fuses with the container), we combine the opportunity to reproduce very high definition images with the advantage of being able to recycle the entire container.

The production process only uses non-toxic polymers and masterbatches, containing no heavy metals, volatile substances and components which are hazardous to humans or the environment.

The advantage of polypropylene is not only its physical characteristics of robustness, inseparability and strength, but also the fact it can be recycled multiple times , creating a truly ethical process for the Environment.

Did you know that plastic is always given a second life and many other objects can be obtained through recycling?

Correct separate waste collection ensures the plastic has a second life; through the simple mechanical process of shredding, polypropylene in granules are obtained which can be reused to injection mould other non-food items.

Benches, children’s playground equipment, fencing, flooring, etc.

Street signs and components.

Such as fleece, or in combination with other materials (e.g. wool) sweaters, jackets, etc.

Components for industry, watches, telephones, lamps, other containers, garden furniture, etc.

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