Internationally guaranteed quality

Quality guarantees customer confidence

The production quality of ATS Packaging is objectively assured by these leading international certification bodies: BRC/IOP e HACCP.

BRC Packaging

The ​BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a voluntary certification aimed at packaging manufacturers and is a global standard dedicated to packaging safety in the food sector.

It is currently regarded as an essential requirement to protect the health of consumers and the wholesomeness of packaging for food.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Point Control) certification is a protocol based on the concept of food safety risk prevention and stipulates a series of procedures to prevent any possible risk of contamination.

The System considers potential dangers along the multiple stages of the production process: from raw material processing to packaging, storage, transport and sales.


ATS Packaging S.r.l. has always been committed to Quality.

Our mission is to always ensure a high standard of quality both in terms of the product and service to our customers.

This special attention to Quality is proudly demonstrated by the Certifications awarded to and maintaining by the company: BRC Packaging – HACCP.

At ATS Packaging, the entire production chain is kept under strict control, from the arrival of raw materials to delivery of the finished product to the Customer, with the relative fulfilment of legal obligations regarding the traceability of packaging.

ATS Packaging S.r.l. uses only first choice raw materials or the production of food packaging which is subjected to strict laboratory testing prior to approval.

Quality control

In our company, every phase of the production process is monitored and supervised by experienced and competent personnel.

So that we are able to offer a safe product that fully meets the needs of our customers, even the most demanding.

Controls are carried out at multiple levels: from the operators assigned to packaging on the production line, the Shift Managers, to the Quality Managers (making it possible to keep the entire production cycle under control).

These controls are carried out continuously, according to specific procedures and instructions: from a simple visual inspection, performed to ensure an aesthetically compliant product, to metrological tests to verify functional and structural conformity, to laboratory analyses (rigorously carried out by accredited external laboratories specialised in the food packaging sector).

The final control takes place when the goods are shipped from our factory: a Quality Control officer is present when the pallets are loaded to ensure they are stored correctly in the vehicle used for transport.

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