Sleeve Application

Sleeve Application

Portfolio Description

In the food packaging sector, the use of sleeves is increasingly in demand because it has a wide shelf-appeal and therefore makes the product more interesting and attractive.

This type of artwork is realised with plastic shrink film tubing so that it adheres completely to the product. The sleeve can be printed with both images and text, until a photo quality is achieved.

The film is automatically applied around the product and then, as it passes under heat/steam sources, the film adheres to the product, perfectly maintaining the original shape of the container.

In this case, the sleeve has a dual function: a decorative “tailor-made” film coating and, as it also a seal which prevents the product from being opened (Tamper-evident), it is additional protection for the consumer.

The advantages of SLEEVE labelling

The use of shrink film has the following qualities:

  • The packaging adapts to products of various shapes and sizes;
  • The film can be printed and customised with the product logo and information, achieving a high level of presentation from both a graphic and aesthetic point of view;
  • Packaging size is reduced to a minimum.

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