IML In Mould Labelling

IML In Mould Labelling

Portfolio Description

This procedure makes it possible to incorporate graphics over the entire external contour of the product and/or its cover with excellent print quality (up to 6 colours: four-colour + 2 Pantone inks).

The application is performed by a robot that positions the label in the mould where the product is to be made; in practice, injection moulding and graphic decoration occur in a single step, meaning the label will become an integral part of the product as it is “fused” to the external walls of the tray.

The advantages of IML labelling

  • Highest quality graphics;
  • Design flexibility and print layout;
  • Improves ‘shelf-appeal’ and brand visibility thanks to the photographic print quality and a wide range of materials available (media, thicknesses, colours and materials);
  • Excellent resistance when exposed to heat (including microwaves), freezing, humidity, scratches, oils and chemical agents;
  • Resistant to product pasteurization at high temperatures (up to 85°/90° C) and in conditions of 100% humidity;
  • Increased ductility and speed in changes made to graphics;
  • Perfect adherence to the container, even along contours and edges;
  • Single-stage production without the need for secondary product labelling, eliminating the problems of purchasing, management, storage and application of secondary materials; this also allows greater speed to be achieved on the final packaging line;
  • Impossible to remove the label (preventing counterfeiting of the finished product);
  • Eco-Friendly – packaging and label are made of the same material (PP – polypropylene) which allows 100% recycling, limiting costs and energy required for disposal (recycling).

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